Pool roofs

The easiest way to extend the swimming season is to install a roof over an outdoor swimming pool.

Polycarbonate is used in the manufacture of pool roofs/pavilions. Its surface is resistant to the sun, rain and condensation which accumulates inside. Depending on weather conditions, the assembled translucent roof segments can be retracted or extracted.

Technical details Klasik A Klasik B Klasik C
Maximum enclosed area 319 x 635 cm 415 x 850 cm 501 x 1060 cm
Outer width “B” 361 cm 471 cm 571 cm
Inner width “A” 333 cm 429 cm 515 cm
Outer lenght “E” 646 cm 860 cm 1073 cm
Outer height “V” 100 cm 130 cm 155 cm
Package size 430 x 41 x 157 cm 563 x 45 x 188 cm 606 x 61 x 175 cm
Package weight 250 kg
420 kg
610 kg
Installation time approx. 1h/3 persons
*approx. 2h/3 persons
approx. 2h/3 persons
*approx. 4h/3 persons
approx. 3h/3 persons
*approx. 6h/3 persons