Wooden pools

Wood is a living material, variations in temperature and humidity can cause it to contract or expand causing the wood to split or crack, this a natural phenomenon and in no way effects the service life of our products.
The wood is subjected to a class IV autoclaving treatment that complies with standards in effect and presents absolutely no danger to people or animals in direct contact with the wood.
You may choose to modify the original colour of the wood, use a suitable, aqueous phase, micro-porous product (lazure or coloured paint over an undercoat, or a colourless oil to nourish the wood). We the SIKKENS CETOL range in an array of popular colours. However, these types of product can only be applied to wood with a moisture content of less than 15%.
Choose high quality products! They will give a better result over time. Do a patch test before applying the product.
To preserve the natural colour of your wooden pool, we recommend that you wait one year before applying a wood saturator to nourish and protect the wood. In fact, after living through 4 seasons, the pores in the wood open wider creating a greying effect. The saturator, applied after de-greying the wood, will adhere more easily to the wood.